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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday

Dear Kiwi,

We took you out for your first Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving sales - in the afternoon.  You mom and dad went out in the morning and you stayed home with me.  When, they got home - we went to eat some lunch then decided to go check out Bass Pro Shops (you grandpa and great grandpa's favorite place).  You were so good, just slept in our arms.  We played "Pass the Baby".  I bought you the cutest little camo booties.  Papa wanted some new hunting boots, so you slept in my arms for 45 minutes while Daddy helped him find the right boots. 

People would walk by and admire how cute you are.  I just love your smoochy cheeks.  So sweet.


PS.  You love your pink pacifier

Friday, November 16, 2012

Right now - November

Dear Babes,

Right now, I love talking to Kiwi and watching you trying to talk back to me.  You get your lips moving, looking so hard at me.  Trying to say something.

Right now, I love how Kiwi has a pathetic cry.

Right now, I can't wait for the twins to get here.  I think it is going to be so much fun, but if you girls get cranky then Grandma can send you home.

Right now, I love how sweet M is being.  You had quite the temper when you were younger, but now you are so cheerful.

Right now, I love looking at the drawing that K made last Christmas that is hanging on the fridge.  You are a really great artist.

Right now, I love how smart Sunshine is.  You are trying really hard in school - you want to get good grades.

Right now, I am super excited that Sunshine wants to play soccer.  I can't wait to go to all the games.

Right now and always, I love being a grandma - you make it so much fun.  Thank you.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Night out

Dear Kiwi,

Papa and I got to watch you, last night, all by ourselves.  We sent you mommy and daddy to the movies - so we could have time alone.  You were such a good boy.  You spent some time snuggled in Papa's arms while I ate my dinner.

You slept the entire time they were gone, but woke up about 10 minutes before they came home.  I was ready to give you a bottle when they walked in the door - you calmed right down when you saw them.  You followed your daddy's movements with your eyes, turning your head as he walked.

You are such a good baby, but you DON'T like to have your diaper changed.  You need to give me a break and not scream so much, lol.  You love to snuggle and I love to snuggle you.

A couple of days ago I was holding you and talking to you.  All of a sudden you let out a coo, it was the most beautiful cooing sound.  You are way too young to be making noises, it brought tears to my eyes.  Uncle Kyle heard it and we were shocked that it came out of you.  I think you were surprised too, because you tried to do it again - but no sound came out.  You seem so much older than you are.

I can hear you starting to cry upstairs at the moment.  You are starting to wake up now, to start your morning.  You have the cutest cry, at first, then you get really loud - belly loud.  I am so glad that you are living with us right now.  I am so lucky.



Friday, November 9, 2012


Dear Kiwi,

I love watching you sleep.  The other day we were getting ready to go to your daddy's work to show you off, so I put you in my bed for a bit.  Your cousins call it the "Princess Bed" because it is really tall and comfy.  You snuggled down in it and slept for a long time.  As soon as Papa leaves to go back to Hawaii, I think you need to sleep in my bed.  I love you so much.  You bring me so much joy.

I love you,

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bob's Big Boy

Dear Miss K and Miss M,

You both love eating at Bob's Big Boy - you love having your picture taken with him. This time you wanted Papa to sit with you.  Papa is visiting from Hawaii, so he wanted to take you to your favorite place to eat.  You weren't very hungry, but wanted to go anyway.   You just wanted to eat the dessert.  We had a good time.  

Sorry, we couldn't play golf - next time we will.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday

Dear Sunshine,

We celebrated your birthday last weekend and as usual it was a great birthday party.  You always know a year in advance what kind of party you want.  This year, for your special 10th birthday, you wanted a Hawaiian luau - which made us super happy.  I bought the material for your dress in Hawaii, when I was visiting Papa.  I had to take the dress in three different times because you are so thin.  You looked amazing at your party.  You look so grown up, but you are still a little girl and get excited about everything.

Your mom and dad wanted you to wear a blind fold for the pinata, but you didn't want to wear it - so we got this this adorable pouty face.  You have the cutest pouty face.

You are just as beautiful as your mom.  I can't wait to see your sisters.  We are going to have so much fun.

Happy 10th birthday my first grand daughter.

Love you,