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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Part I

Dear Kiwi,

You are here and you are adorable.  You were born on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 6:35 AM - 9lbs. 2oz. and 19 1/2 inches long.  Your head was 13 1/2 inches with your chest measuring 14 1/2 inches.  Oh my gosh, you are a big boy.  You don't look like your typical newborn baby.  I knitted you a couple of beanies and I am not sure how long you are going to be able to wear them.  You are amazing.  I was with your mommy and daddy - the whole time.  Mom had a rough time, so they did a C-section.  Your daddy was so in love with you.  Mom started crying as soon as you were born - Dad started to cry but held it together because they were giving him all sorts of information and he said that he needed to focus.

The nurse stopped in the hallway so I could see you before they took you to the recovery room.  Your dad came flying down the hall and told me to "Hurry".  I was worried that something happened, but your dad was smiling.  I came through the waiting room door and there you were - my beautiful grandson.  I said, "He has Japanese eyes, one eyelid".  (Which is pretty important, it was the same thing your Papa said when your daddy was born).  Then I started crying, I couldn't stop.  The nurse laughed and said, "I didn't expect that reaction."  I looked at you again and said, "Oh my gosh, he is huge."  The nurse said, "Yup, that is what I thought you would say."  You are such a big. boy.

Your Papa flew in from Hawaii, the day after you were born.  When he saw you in the hospital, he felt like he had seen you before.  He said it was very strange.  When we got home, he was sitting on our bed then he looked at his nightstand.  There was a picture of your daddy in frame, it had been there for 23 years.  He looked at the picture and saw you - but it was a picture of your dad.  The two of you look so much alike.
This is a picture of your daddy.

My two beautiful boys - but you have more hair.   I love you my beautiful grandson.


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