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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mr K

Dear Kiwi,

I heard your heartbeat the other day.  I got to go to the doctor and I heard it.  You were not moving very much, then you started doing back flips inside your mommy - or that is what I imagined you were doing.  Then they did an ultrasound.  They showed me your bum, then I saw your hand and you were waving.  I started crying with joy.  There was my beautiful grandson's hand waving at grandma.  It was the sweetest thing.  The tech showed me your face, but you started moving so she couldn't get a clear picture of it.  But it was you.

Your hand during the wave.  You are getting so cramped in there.  Tomorrow, is your due date - I need you to come out so I can spoil you rotten, just like we did your daddy.

I have made you two little beanies.  This one is brown so you can wear it with your football onesie and a gray one to wear with your elephant onesie.  I wonder which one you will like the best.

Love you,

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