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Friday, October 5, 2012


My grandmother, Ann, was an amazing person.  She was kind, strong, resourceful, friendly, loving, a wonderful cook and a letter writer.  Remember, when people use to write letters to communicate?  She would always find the time to write me a letter.  If she sent a birthday card, there was a letter inside with a crisp $5.00 bill.  The brand new kind, that she had to order special from the bank.  She kept them wrapped in foil in the freezer - behind the ice cream. 

Grandma passed away 6 months after her 97th birthday.  Her last Christmas on Earth, she had me address 60 Christmas cards for her.  Let me say that number, again, 60 or sixty cards.  She wrote a little note in each one.  Her health was starting to fail, a little, but her mind was still sharp.  She was ready to go to Heaven.  But, she still took the time to write 60 Christmas cards.  She complained about how squiggly her handwriting was, but we didn't care - it was from her and she took the time to write it.  She said that she use to send out over 100 cards every year, but a lot of her friends had passed on - from the Pony Club or from Douglas (her old work).  I still have some of those letters packed away, I wish I could find them.

So where am I going with this.  I have decided to turn this blog into letters to my boys and grand kids.  Something that they can have "for always" because I am not a letter writer.  I have always, wanted to be - but could never find the time.  I guess, my passion was creating things like quilts and stuff.  Grandma always wanted to find the time to quilt, but couldn't find the time - she wrote letters instead.  So maybe, this way I can do both.

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