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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Come out and play

Dear Kiwi,

Yesterday, was your due date - which means that you were suppose to be born.  But, you didn't come.  I have parent/teacher conferences starting on Friday - so I would really appreciate if you came in the next three days or wait until this weekend.  I want to be there for your birth (and I will), but it would be easier if I didn't have to call a bunch of parents to reschedule their appointments.  Sometimes, they don't understand.  You are already very important to me - so please hurry and come out and play with me.  Your mommy's belly is getting really big so I think you need to leave her and meet the world around you.  It can be a really nice place to be.

I will protect you (just like Mommy has the last 9 months) and make sure that you are safe.  I will buy you cute clothes and make you lots of knitted stuff to keep you warm.  Papa and Daddy will teach you to play golf.  Papa is getting pretty good at it.  He plays almost every day in Hawaii.  He will be here next week to meet you - he is taking care of his mom.  Your cousins call him Papa Surfer Joe.  He is a really nice guy and a total push over for his grand kids.  He likes to build cars - so tell him what you would like.  You can pick anyone of the cars in the back.  I think you Dad wants you to have the El Camino.

So, will you please come out and play???


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