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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Paradise Day 5

Yesterday, was an amazing day - full of surprises and joy. It started with a Starbucks run, before built club. They messed up my order, so I received an extra tea (yes, it is the little things in life). I was super excited that they released a new Hawaii gift card, so I got 11 of them. It is so pretty. I have all of the Hawaii ones. I probably need to frame them for my classroom to go next to my teacher/Starbucks sign

At quilt club, I found the perfect quilt pattern for my new grandson, Keahi. His name means "breath of fire". The pattern is called "Kilauea Iki," the problem was that it was a queen size pattern. So I was able to make it smaller (with some help) and draw another motif for it. Super proud of myself. I got it cut out just need to find a big enough table to lay it out and baste the pattern.

I stopped at the quilt store and hung out with the girls for a bit (couple of hours). So much fun, lots of laughing. They are such a great bunch of people

We went to our friend Richard's house for dinner with the gang. There is always a ton of food to eat. They made the best salmon cakes, I think I ate 7 of them. Richard made my favorite dessert, creme brûlée. It is so yummy. It is so relaxing to sit on his patio with friends - talking and eating while listening to the rain. They are a great bunch of people. I love Hawaii.

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