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Friday, July 6, 2012

Paradise Day 3

I went to the local craft store yesterday to find some local inspiration, but couldn't find anything that jumped out at me. That, doesn't happen very often. So, then I went to my favorite quilt store and did some damage there. I got material for two quilts - a baby Hawaiian and one for me. I hope to start the baby quilt this weekend, when I go to quilt club - need to find the perfect pattern. The other one has beautiful hawaiian material in the center of each block.I was lucky enough to have a Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage yesterday. My back has been a mess for the last month. It was great, my back doesn't hurt at all this morning. Shoulders are sore, but she had to press pretty hard to get the knots out. I will probably have it done again before I leave.We might be going to my favorite restaurant for breakfast - crab omelette, yum. It rained again, most of the night. The breeze is cool this morning. The sun is trying to peek out and if it does I will go to the beach and take pictures. Well, I am off to take a shower. Did I tell you that mom's shower is outside?

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  1. Shopping, massage, rain all night, breakfast at the restaurant, AND an outdoor shower? You ARE in heaven! No wonder you count down the days...;)