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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paradise 7, 8, and 9

We have been busy these last few days. Every night I have been working on school work and during the day I have been making goodies for my classroom Day 7 - we went down to coconut island to eat lunch. We grabbed a chicken salad sandwich from the mini mart and sat in the car eating lunch, watching the people. After, we went to coconut island to look for shells for the aloha sign that I am making for my classroom. Hubby is such a trooper helping me look for shells. A mini rain passed through and I sat in my chair with the umbrella while hubby stood under the coconut tree for protection, so cute. I saw some canoe paddlers practicing for the race this weekend. I admire the paddlers and the strength and commitment they have to their sport. We stayed for a couple of hours, so relaxing. Day 8 - we ran a bunch of errands. The scrapbook store, craft store, home depot and Wal-mart. I wanted to get more postcards for my class and needed some goodies for my frames that I made. Day 9 - feather lei class. I started a baby lei this morning with auntie's blessing for Keahi (my soon to be grandson) Auntie said that I should do it in the 'ilima color(golden yellow) which represents the Big Island and royalty, they were hard feathers to get. She, also, told me to use red. So we measured out the lei for baby size and then planed where the colors would go. I am so excited to make this lei for him. I will take his picture wearing it, then put it in a frame. Auntie said that I was the first in the group to make a keiki lei. We went to cliff and sandy's house for dinner. Their house is amazing. Hula dancer pictures and figurines thought the house. Hawaiian pillows on the bed. I loved the painted pillows that cliff's sister had made. I need to remember to take a picture next time. I took a lot of pictures of the backyard. So many times of flowers and plants. We have had ba busy few days. There is suppose to be a storm coming in today because of the hurricanes. Right now, it is sunny and beautiful.

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