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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paradise 7, 8, and 9

We have been busy these last few days. Every night I have been working on school work and during the day I have been making goodies for my classroom Day 7 - we went down to coconut island to eat lunch. We grabbed a chicken salad sandwich from the mini mart and sat in the car eating lunch, watching the people. After, we went to coconut island to look for shells for the aloha sign that I am making for my classroom. Hubby is such a trooper helping me look for shells. A mini rain passed through and I sat in my chair with the umbrella while hubby stood under the coconut tree for protection, so cute. I saw some canoe paddlers practicing for the race this weekend. I admire the paddlers and the strength and commitment they have to their sport. We stayed for a couple of hours, so relaxing. Day 8 - we ran a bunch of errands. The scrapbook store, craft store, home depot and Wal-mart. I wanted to get more postcards for my class and needed some goodies for my frames that I made. Day 9 - feather lei class. I started a baby lei this morning with auntie's blessing for Keahi (my soon to be grandson) Auntie said that I should do it in the 'ilima color(golden yellow) which represents the Big Island and royalty, they were hard feathers to get. She, also, told me to use red. So we measured out the lei for baby size and then planed where the colors would go. I am so excited to make this lei for him. I will take his picture wearing it, then put it in a frame. Auntie said that I was the first in the group to make a keiki lei. We went to cliff and sandy's house for dinner. Their house is amazing. Hula dancer pictures and figurines thought the house. Hawaiian pillows on the bed. I loved the painted pillows that cliff's sister had made. I need to remember to take a picture next time. I took a lot of pictures of the backyard. So many times of flowers and plants. We have had ba busy few days. There is suppose to be a storm coming in today because of the hurricanes. Right now, it is sunny and beautiful.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Paradise Day 6

It was another great day. It was raining in the morning, so we decided to run some errands. Ben Franklin craft store, Wal-mart and home depot. I found some wood frames (on sale) for my classroom. I got them painted and need to add the scrapbook paper to them

As soon as we got our errands done the sun came out and I told hubby we should go golfing. It was beautiful. I sat in the cart - reading. Usually, there is some entertainment involved in him playing. But, dang it - the guy has gotten better. I, only, laughed once

We spent the late part of the afternoon - sitting on the patio, listening to music while I got crafty. So relaxing

I woke up to the sound of rain this morning, so not sure what we are going to do today. I am sure I can find something to do.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Paradise Day 5

Yesterday, was an amazing day - full of surprises and joy. It started with a Starbucks run, before built club. They messed up my order, so I received an extra tea (yes, it is the little things in life). I was super excited that they released a new Hawaii gift card, so I got 11 of them. It is so pretty. I have all of the Hawaii ones. I probably need to frame them for my classroom to go next to my teacher/Starbucks sign

At quilt club, I found the perfect quilt pattern for my new grandson, Keahi. His name means "breath of fire". The pattern is called "Kilauea Iki," the problem was that it was a queen size pattern. So I was able to make it smaller (with some help) and draw another motif for it. Super proud of myself. I got it cut out just need to find a big enough table to lay it out and baste the pattern.

I stopped at the quilt store and hung out with the girls for a bit (couple of hours). So much fun, lots of laughing. They are such a great bunch of people

We went to our friend Richard's house for dinner with the gang. There is always a ton of food to eat. They made the best salmon cakes, I think I ate 7 of them. Richard made my favorite dessert, creme brûlée. It is so yummy. It is so relaxing to sit on his patio with friends - talking and eating while listening to the rain. They are a great bunch of people. I love Hawaii.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Paradise Day 4

It was raining most of the morning, but it didn't stop us from going shopping. First, we had one of my favorite breakfasts - a snow crab omelette with hollandise sauce. It is so good. We went to the craft store, scrapbook store, quilt store, Wal-mart, Hilo Hattie's and a new shave ice place. I love shave ice and this place was so good.

Hubby made BBQ guava chicken. He is becoming a really good cook. Then he let me make s'mores again. It is fun to sit on the patio in Hawaii, while it rains, cooking on a hibachi. It just seems right

Paradise Day 3

I went to the local craft store yesterday to find some local inspiration, but couldn't find anything that jumped out at me. That, doesn't happen very often. So, then I went to my favorite quilt store and did some damage there. I got material for two quilts - a baby Hawaiian and one for me. I hope to start the baby quilt this weekend, when I go to quilt club - need to find the perfect pattern. The other one has beautiful hawaiian material in the center of each block.I was lucky enough to have a Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage yesterday. My back has been a mess for the last month. It was great, my back doesn't hurt at all this morning. Shoulders are sore, but she had to press pretty hard to get the knots out. I will probably have it done again before I leave.We might be going to my favorite restaurant for breakfast - crab omelette, yum. It rained again, most of the night. The breeze is cool this morning. The sun is trying to peek out and if it does I will go to the beach and take pictures. Well, I am off to take a shower. Did I tell you that mom's shower is outside?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

We spent a quiet day here. We did a little shopping in the morning and ran into a old friend. I took a nap and worked on my silversword quilt on the patio. Hubby BBQ teri beef, then he cranked the fire up - so I could make s'mores. My mother in law said that she had never tasted one before.

We watched the fireworks from coconut island, but it was a little hard to see with the low clouds and rain. We did play with sparklers, so much fun.