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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Beginning

My grandmother lived to be 97 years old.  She was an amazing woman, old stock.  I adored her.  She, always, saw the good in people.  When she was very sick in bed, she made me make a promise to never leave my husband - she wasn't going to give up.  At that time, life was rough.  She told me that he reminded her of my grandfather.  How could I give up on our marriage, when he was like the man that I respected.  She kept saying, "Promise me, you will never leave him"  So to give her peace, I promised her.  My grandmother had every reason to dislike my husband.  My husband is Japanese born in Hawaii.  My grandmother's younger brother was killed during the war.  My grandma was never prejudiced against my husband.  My grandparents loved him as one of their own grandchildren.  I was a lucky girl.

I am so glad that I made that promise, but because life with my husband has been worth it.  We have had ups and downs, joys, pain, loss, raised 4 boys together (he has been a step-dad to 3 of them), grand kids (highly recommend having them first), taking care of grandparents and now, parents.  One promise is all we need.

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